Ci Hires New Chief Compliance Officer

PLANO, TEXAS (Sep 2, 2020) Collaborative Imaging, a radiologist-owned alliance with more than 500 radiologists, today announces the addition of David Silva to its team. Silva will join Collaborative Imaging as its new Chief Compliance Officer.

Health care compliance has never been more front and center than now. As health care entities incorporate more remote rendering of care, it is especially important to safe-guard patient health and identification information. It is imperative that a compliant and secure environment is created and maintained as the healthcare industry learns to incorporate remote scheduling and registration, especially as patients access more applications remotely.

Collaborative Imaging is no stranger to technology and innovation, but with innovation and growth comes great responsibility. Every healthcare institution has a responsibility to ensure patient information is held securely, access is monitored and breaches are immediately followed up. This is why Collaborative Imaging is excited to bring on a compliance expert like David Silva.

Silva brings more than 15 years of health care compliance experience to the Collaborative Imaging team. He has overseen compliance for large healthcare systems and auditing firms. He not only has a tremendous background in compliance but also understands the importance of compliance being applied in an intelligent and meaningful way in every aspect of the organization, especially with the innovation and release of new proprietary solutions.

The CEO of Collaborative Imaging encourages innovative solutions, making David Silva the ideal creative candidate to lead its compliance team. During his first year at one health care organization, he started a leading compliance program from scratch and set up the structure for daily compliance at more than 700 facilities. To this day, the program is still looked toward as a world-class compliance program.

“Compliance is something the CI family takes very seriously,” said Dhruv Chopra, CEO of Collaborative Imaging. “We wanted to bring a CCO who not only has a tremendous amount of health care experience in compliance, but also is able to incorporate the same in all our technology and innovations

“Our healthcare partners, physicians and patients deserve to know that their information is safe and secure. The requirements placed on us by our healthcare systems and state and federal mandates, are just minimum expectations. We look to go far beyond that while ensuring patients and physicians have an incredible user experience.”

As Chief Compliance Officer, Silva will work to amplify the foundational structure of compliance already in existence at Collaborative Imaging. He will be a key part of the leadership team and will nurture the existing compliance structure to be world class and reflective of Collaborative Imaging’s positive culture and values.

“I joined Collaborative Imaging because it’s known for encouraging ground-breaking and innovative solutions,” said Silva. “With such positive tones from top executives, this will be a very exciting and positive new step for me in my professional life. I look forward to being part of their robust compliance program and bringing tremendous value to all our practices and partners.”

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