Sydney Coppney: Working from home has completely changed my life

Sydney Coppney: Working from home has completely changed my life

At Collaborative Imaging, we bring you our diverse tapestry of employees and their unique stories. Meet Sydney Coppney, a fierce athlete from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who’s bringing her competitive edge to the professional world. As the oldest of three, she’s no stranger to leadership and growth. When she’s not dominating on the field or court, she’s ruling the roost at home with her husband and son (who have a thing for dinos, dump trucks, and playgrounds). After a recent move to Clarksville, Tennessee, Sydney’s expanding her horizons by trying new restaurants on the weekend. It’s safe to say this go-getter never stops pushing herself to new heights both in her career and personal life. Let’s get to know Sydney!

  • What was your journey to applying to and joining Collaborative Imaging?

I have spent the past seven years following my husband around the country. As an Army spouse, I have had a difficult time establishing tenure at an organization because we move so frequently. Working for Collaborative Imaging as Controller has been a breath of fresh air as our remote work environment allows me to relocate without changing jobs. I feel very lucky to work for a company with such a fantastic “family-first” culture.

  • Your job requires great attention to details, what’s your secret?

I take great pride in my work and find a huge sense of accomplishment when I create a quality product. My work depends on thousands of decisions that build on each other over time, so attention to detail and good decision-making are essential skills. Checklists and calendar reminders dictate my day.

  • What are your greatest strengths?

Flexibility and resilience.

  • How do you keep yourself motivated and engaged when working from home?

Working from home has completely changed my life. If I am stuck in a problem and cannot find a solution, it is easy to change my environment and headspace with a walk around the block or cooking a quick meal. Working from home provides opportunities to manage time differently that are essential for my thought process.

  • The healthcare industry is known for its changing environment, how do you adapt so quickly?

All industries evolve at their own pace. The ever changing environment of the healthcare space keeps me extra motivated and inspired.

  • Anything you want to tell your co-workers and our readers about you.

I absolutely love my job and have found a home at Collaborative Imaging. I am blessed to work with an incredible team of forward thinkers, and to work under Preeth Hegde’s mentorship.