5 Steps to Manage Your Practice’s Yelp Reviews

17 November 2019 - Ci Magazine
hands holding a cellphone with Yelp on the screen

Evolution in radiology opened the door to new ways to diagnose health problems and provide better care. Radiologists play a vital role in reviewing and interpreting images, ensuring treatment plans align with actual needs. Unfortunately, the changing landscape of radiology, including the ongoing digitalization of the medical industry, presents a problem. Advanced systems can be subject to cyber attacks and malicious problems, notes Engadget. While researchers work to develop stronger cyber security measures, the issue of distrust remains, and such distrust exists across all social media, including Yelp. A single negative review on Yelp could amount to lost opportunities and alienation of private radiology practices. With consolidation of the industry, those operating smaller radiology practices need to take a proactive, five-step approach to managing their Yelp presence.

1. Know How Customers Use Information Found on Social Media.

Yelp is a type of social media. Most consumers (85%) trust online reviews to the same level as a personal recommendation. This principle is most widely seen in recent television ads for Angie’s List. The biggest factor in understanding Yelp lies in the need to have a strong rating of at least four starts to attract 49% of consumers. Clear understanding of social media and its impact on consumers choosing your practice will build your base. According to an assessment of social media in the industry, published by Stanford University, Yelp is the leading source for rating physicians and care providers, including radiologists. Failure to recognize this fact will result in lost opportunities for practice growth.

2. Engage With Your Consumers in the Practice and Through Social Media.

All existing consumers have the potential to build your Yelp presence. Encourage those in your practice to leave reviews, follow your organization and provide feedback for their experiences. In fact, about 68% of consumers that businesses ask to leave reviews do. Imagine what that could mean for your referrals. Such statements during the end of an appointment will have a dramatic impact on your online footprint, as well as encourage health in your community.

3. Respond Immediately.

Consumers have power in the age of social media, and online engagement with your consumers will build value. Always respond to reviews within seven days. If the review is a complaint, respond immediately. Failure to respond will only give the person writing the review an opportunity to spread their dislike for your practice across other platforms. Moreover, prompt responses may encourage consumers to edit their reviews. One more thing, make your response public without including identifying PHI and heartfelt. People respond to compassion. Above all else, responses to complaints affect 30% of your Yelp ranking, and that statistic reflects the demand for social media in 2016. Chance means that value may be even higher today.

4. Make Your Radiology Practice Improvements Front and Center.

Your Yelp profile is a digital business card. Review all information on your Yelp profile for accuracy, including updated hours for seasonal adjustments. If you launch a new service or type of imaging, upload a photo. Yelp does rely on your consumers from reviews, but it still relies on your ability to connect as well.

5. Create Multiple Social Media Accounts for Your Practice.

Your practice needs a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Highlight any new improvements to your facility, especially those patients may not see when visiting. Also, take an active role in providing care, such as sharing reputable articles about the importance of a quality radiology practice, diagnosing medical issues early and preventive screenings. When you make your practice center on community health and wellness, consumers will take note. Also, social media serves as an excellent place to streamline review management, connecting with customers within and outside of Yelp.

Overcome Your Fears of Managing Online Reviews Before It Is Too Late.

You do not need an extensive strategy or IT background to handle social media and Yelp reviews. Simply think of reviews as a way to understand how to improve your practice. Believe it or not, only 32% of consumers leave negative reviews, so odds are in your favor. Of course, you still need to engage and build positive relationships. One final thought remains; never respond out of anger, jealous or negativity. If you feel you cannot have a positive response, wait 30 minutes. Managing Yelp can be your new source of referrals, recommendations and better health for your patients.