Expired: WEBINAR: Radiology and Disinfection in the Age of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-ranging effects on the practice of medicine. Inside hospital walls, clinical teams scramble to address the influx of infected patients while infection prevention personnel work tirelessly to help contain the spread of the novel virus. These new procedures and protocols have significantly impacted radiology departments, practices, and imaging centers. This webinar, featuring experts in both radiology and infection prevention, will review the latest disinfection guidelines across key radiology modalities, examine how radiologists are adapting their workflows, and explore plans for how to best emerge, both clinically and financially, from this pandemic.


As Chief Executive Officer, Dhruv Chopra presides over Collaborative Imaging and their respective divisions. He previously spent 15 years as an executive with multiple billing companies in the radiology industry where he gained an appreciation for how much physician money is lost due to the inefficiencies with data gathering, claim submission and adjudication, documentation, charge capture and coding, and the dynamic, ever-changing requirements of insurance carriers. Unable to tolerate the revenue losses that physicians were facing, the blatant workflow inefficiencies that plague every radiology practice, Chopra created his own path to combat these obstacles with the formation of Collaborative Imaging.

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Cancelled: Dhruv Chopra’s Speaking Event at PaRADigm.

RBMA’s 2020 PaRADigm speaking session has been cancelled due to Coronavirus Outbreak.

Chopra will be hosting a session to help radiologists re-tool their imaging center operations for success.

Conference Session Description:

Imaging centers have been facing a lot of pressures to its business model over the last 5-10 years, including reimbursement cuts, steerage, and a huge administrative burden as it relates to their operations. The consolidation of imaging centers has increased at an alarming rate, and this has resulted in draconian terms being set on the radiologists that read for them. Imaging centers need guidance, and proven strategies to help them retain their independence, and flourish in this environment.

About Dhruv Chopra:

Dhruv Chopra is the CEO of Collaborative Imaging, a groundbreaking healthcare management and technology company headquartered in Dallas. With more than two decades of experience in the radiology industry, Chopra leads Collaborative Imaging with the goal to help independent practices combat the industry’s growing threat of consolidation.

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Expired: Collaborative Imaging at RSNA


Meet Collaborative Imaging team at RSNA 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, December 1–6, 2019, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

To book a meeting send an email to info@CollaborativeImaging.com