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Dhruv Chopra, CEO of Collaborative Imaging

Expired: RSNA Live Webinar: Town Hall Discussion: How COVID-19 is changing private radiology practice

August 7, 2020 Add to Calendar


This event was recorded for RSNA. You can watch it on their YouTube channel here. 

Description:  Leaders from a variety of radiology private practice models discuss the impact of the pandemic on their operations, hiring, and long-term strategy.  Ask them your pressing questions and get honest instant answers.

Audience: Primary: Radiologist physicians, Secondary: Radiology trainees

Moderators:  Richard Sharpe Jr., MD, MBA and Brian Kuszyk, MD, FACR


  • Traditional private practice: Lora Barke, DO, FACR and Sandip Basak, MD
  • Private Equity Owned Practice: Bob Mittl, MD, FACR
  • Private Practice Management: Druv Chopra, MBA
  • Teleradiology: Gautam Agrawal, MD, M. Eng
  • International: Antonio Luna, MD, PhD