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Jacob Follis VP, Analytics & Digital Transformation

Expired: What are Snowflake Office Hours?

June 16, 2020 Add to Calendar


In order to support its rapid growth and ever-growing data initiatives, Collaborative Imaging looked to Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform to meet the growing demands on its data team. With nearly a hundred disparate data sources, many of which contained PHI, Collaborative Imaging needed to securely and rapidly combine all the data into one single source of truth. Snowflake’s near-zero maintenance and infinitely scalable storage and compute have enabled Collaborative Imaging to build a robust, future-proof healthcare software platform.

  • Live, 30-minute case study and Q&A sessions with a Snowflake customer.
  • Ask industry peers questions about their Snowflake Cloud Data Platform implementation and how Snowflake has advanced their data analytics.

About Speaker:
Jacob is the VP of Analytics and Digital Transformation. Jacob’s role is to leverage Ci’s growing datasets and manage Ci’s cloud first technology platform.

For the past decade, Jacob worked with healthcare companies ranging from 2 to 8K employees and with roles including client services, operational analytics, product management, and consulting. Jacob has a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Indianapolis. He aims to utilize the power of data and analytics to help Collaborative Imaging’s partners.