Strategic Advantage With Ci

Case Study
Management of Revenue Cycle
  • The Collaborative Imaging team of experts in revenue cycle management with the proven track record to identify and realize significant revenue opportunities in outsourced / in-house billing services.
  • Our proprietary solutions to monitor and manage the end-end billing solutions regardless of vendor, billing system, or solution.
  • Unique proprietary solutions to ensure ‘clean’ and ‘complete’ information is obtained on the front-end.
  • Proven proprietary solutions to maximize uninsured revenue collections.
  • Detailed and informative, real-time data-driven revenue cycle analytics.
Capital Requirements
  • Our propriety end-to-end technology solutions to facilitate physician workflow and productivity.
  • The Collaborative Imaging proprietary technology to identify medical coding errors / opportunities.
  • State of the art, meaningful reporting and analytics led by a team of data scientists.
  • Proprietary state of the art radiology information systems.
  • The proven proprietary, fully-integrated bolt on to PACS solutions.
  • Intelligent proprietary voice recognition tools for dictations.
  • Real time scheduling of patients for our imaging center and outpatient partners.
  • Proven proprietary, fully integrated apps, to ensure compliance with CMS mandates.
  • The strategic hybrid, cloud-based solutions to allow for growth.
  • Our marketing, reputation, and social media support for our partners.
  • Detailed proprietary, fully integrated deficient report identification.
Capital Requirements
  • Strategic Advantage – Readily available funds for capital intensive projects, practice-specific requirements, or replacement of technology platforms/solutions.
Coverage Support
  • Our 24/7 in-house teleradiology coverage to provide preliminary or final reads.
  • Our 24/7 in-house sub-specialty reads for our partners.
Administrative Support
  • Large team of in-house developers to support any development needs of our partners.
  • Our 24/7 IT helpdesk and support.
  • The 24/7 Radiology Assistants / Call Agents.
  • Facility credentialing, and physician licensing support.
  • Tech driven cloud based image archiving and retention solutions.
  • Professional network security integrity and monitoring.
  • Our interface and EDI support.
  • Our administrative services including negotiation of medical malpractice, payroll services, accounting and administrative support.