Teleradiology Solutions for COVID-19 Pandemic
Collaborative Imaging has developed and deployed a teleradiology workstation into large hospital based radiology practices as an important safety solution in this COVID-19 pandemic. This solution allows you to safely read scans from home, remotely message with your patients, hospital staff, and referring physicians, and provide the highest quality care while keeping everyone safe.
More About Our Teleradiology Solution

The Ci solution integrates all PACS systems that a practice may be reading into a unified worklist on industry standard viewers and dictation systems. There is a robust “Help” desk and embedded messaging capability to facilitate the communication between a radiologist and referring physician as well as hospital imaging department personnel and patients. Collaborative Imaging provides nationwide 24/7 sub-specialty reads and can deploy this solution quickly and effectively in a tight time frame. You can have access to all of this while maintaining safe distancing with no compromise to turnaround time, quality and all the existing specific protocols in place.

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How We Help Maintain Your Practice’s Independence:
By providing capital, disruptive technology, innovative processes, and economies of scale to our clients we can maximize their profitability, and help them stay adaptable in a very dynamic and evolving industry.

• The Collaborative Imaging team of experts in revenue cycle management with the proven track record to identify and realize significant revenue opportunities in outsourced / in-house billing services.

• Our proprietary solutions to monitor and manage the end-end billing solutions regardless of vendor, billing system, or solution.

• Unique proprietary solutions to ensure ‘clean’ and ‘complete’ information is obtained on the front-end.

• Proven proprietary solutions to maximize uninsured revenue collections.

• Detailed and informative, real-time data-driven revenue cycle analytics.

• Our propriety end-to-end technology solutions to facilitate physician workflow and productivity.

• The Collaborative Imaging proprietary technology to identify medical coding errors / opportunities.

• State of the art, meaningful reporting and analytics led by a team of data scientists.

• Proprietary state of the art radiology information systems.

• The proven proprietary, fully-integrated bolt on to PACS solutions.

• Intelligent proprietary voice recognition tools for dictations.

• Real time scheduling of patients for our imaging center and outpatient partners.

• Proven proprietary, fully integrated apps, to ensure compliance with CMS mandates.

• The strategic hybrid, cloud-based solutions to allow for growth.

• Our marketing, reputation, and social media support for our partners.

• Detailed proprietary, fully integrated deficient report identification.

• Strategic Advantage – Readily available funds for capital intensive projects, practice-specific requirements, or replacement of technology platforms/solutions.

• Our 24/7 in-house teleradiology coverage to provide preliminary or final reads.

• Our 24/7 in-house sub-specialty reads for our partners.

• Large team of in-house developers to support any development needs of our partners.

• Our 24/7 IT helpdesk and support.

• The 24/7 Radiology Assistants / Call Agents.

• Facility credentialing, and physician licensing support.

• Tech driven cloud based image archiving and retention solutions.

• Professional network security integrity and monitoring.

• Our interface and EDI support.

• Our administrative services including negotiation of medical malpractice, payroll services, accounting and administrative support.

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