Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Q&A with Dr. Patricia Krakos of Texas Radiology Associates

Female doctor is performing a mammogram on a young female|Info graphic of breast cancer awareness|Dr. Patricia Krakos - Make a Difference

Dr. Patricia Krakos of Texas Radiology Associates, founding member of radiologist-owned alliance Collaborative Imaging, loves making a difference in people’s lives, especially women. This desire to help women began in 1992 when she started practicing breast imaging. This also means Dr. Krakos isn’t a stranger to breast cancer diagnosis, which has also affected her personal…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Q&A with Dr. Daniel Shekleton of Raleigh Radiology

Male doctor performing mammogram on a woman patient|Dr. Daniel Shekleton||||Breast Cancer Facts Inforgraphics

Breast cancer is the number one cancer detected in women, with one in eight women affected. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer: a mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, friend or coworker.  Dr. Daniel Shekleton of Raleigh Radiology, which is a member of the radiologist-owned alliance Collaborative Imaging, is no different. After his mother was…

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Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Sensitive But Not Specific

Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Researchers at the University of Washington and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a machine-learning system that confirms breast cancer diagnoses made by radiologists, a recent paper in JAMA Network Open reports. Skilled diagnosticians differ in their interpretation of radiographic images of different forms of cancer. Concordance among physicians, in recent research…

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