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Conceived by physicians and business experts.

Collaborative Imaging is a radiologist owned alliance conceived by forward-thinking physicians in conjunction with proven business experts to combat the growing threat of consolidation in radiology, degradation in patient care, physician burn-out, and operational inefficiencies plaguing radiologists, while providing a sustainable business model to allow its partners to realize additional revenue opportunities, all while retaining their full autonomy as an independent radiology practice.

About Us

Mission Statement

To collaborate with our partners to ensure their continued success by providing capital, disruptive technology, innovative processes, and economies of scale needed to maximize their profitability, and agility to be able to adapt in a very dynamic and evolving industry, while retaining their autonomy and independence, so that they can focus on delivering best-in-class patient care.

Collaborative Imaging | Radiologist Alliance

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What Our Partners Say

Cambria Somerset Radiology teamed up with CI because with CI’s technology, capital and teamwork we see a great synergy to help us maintain our group as a fiercely independent, successful radiology practice far into the future.

– Gary Kramer, MD

Despite our exponential growth from two hospitals to 64 hospitals/clinics over 25 years, being a premier radiology group now requires more than exceptional service, quality and relationships. CI is providing us the disruptive technology, workflow enhancements and improved revenue to provide exceptional patient care, provide additional value to our hospital/clinic/referring physician partners, and at the same time, improve our daily work life. I’m excited to practice radiology again.

– Ted Wen, MD

Collaborative Imaging has a dedicated team of IT experts specialized in radiology. We’ve been extremely pleased with their prompt responsiveness which helped us tremendously along the way. Collaborative Imaging team helped us fix major IT issues we had in-house and provided us with sophisticated bespoke technology so we can run our imaging centers smoothly. We couldn’t do it better without Collaborative Imaging team.

– Joe Nightingale, MD

Collaborative Imaging has been a valuable partner with a proven track record of double-digit increases in revenue collection through innovative proprietary billing enhancement software and superior practice management enhancements.

– Gary Webb, MD

The synergy that exists among the groups of Collaborative Imaging is amazing! For us, tackling implementation issues, including one as difficult as structured reporting, has been greatly facilitated with the help of CI and its member groups. It’s extremely exciting to imagine the true potential of what can be achieved from this combined effort.

– Hooby Yoon, MD