AI-powered, speech-to-text solution with physicians in mind.



Cutting Edge Technology in Transcription and Speech Recognition

This AI-powered, speech-to-text solution was designed specifically for ease-of-use and with physicians in mind; it’s built-in intelligence can interpret diverse accents, dictation nuances, and physician preferences.

The solution allows for total flexibility in adapting to the nuances of physicians, physician-assistants, and nurse practitioners. CIVR was also built to allow for easy integration and interoperability between different HER’s, EMR’s, transcription systems, and more. 4 million radiology studies are processed via CIVR annually– our physicians realize the efficiencies in the art of dictation for transcribing reports while ensuring the best-in-class patient care.

Use Your Voice

Key Features

Transcription Worklist
  • Empowering transcriptionists and physicians to communicate in real-time via a secure, streamlined process
  • Provides transcriptionists the ability to have real-time visibility to physician transcriptions
  • Customized, pre-loaded templates based on physician/facility requirements
Physician Benefits
  • Real-time reporting of deficient reports
  • Integrated functionalities such as calculations, measurements, and white-paper references
  • Real-time NLP processing to identify abnormal studies and route notifications
  • Real-time monitoring of adherence to follow-up and recommendation
  • Unparalleled voice to text conversion accuracy
  • Built-in and customizable checklists to ensure important data elements are mentioned
  • Access to our clinical database to guide physicians through their reports and provide suggestions
  • Word prompts to correct spelling or replace possible errors with recommended phrases
  • Mouse-less, voice navigation through the report for a complete hands-free experience allows users to dictate, edit, and navigate through their report using only voice commands
  • Integrated, real-time anonymous peer review
  • Customized template creation allows for consistent reports
Health Systems Benefits
  • Faster turn-around time of interpretations and distribution of transcriptions
  • Lower length of stay in hospital due to integrated, proprietary follow-up solutions
  • Consistent, standardized reporting for physicians, nurses and medical records
  • Integrated, secure communication channel between physicians Real-Time visibility into status of medical note
  • Ability to share structured reports and templates across healthcare systems
  • Built in AI to interpret findings and present impressions or conclusions
  • Integrated Interface Engine to deliver report data to any destination through a variety of formats
  • Ability to import and export structured data elements as needed by EHR/EMR/Transcription systems
  • Flexible service allows for both real-time and batch uploaded transcriptions in any audio format
  • Integrations with hundreds of disparate healthcare systems and solutions
  • Integrations with 3rd party software solutions using AI to consume and interpret reports
  • Real-Time learning and auto-corrections
  • AI-powered dictionaries to ensure compliance with medical jargon
  • Adaptable solution to interact with various industries such as call centers
  • No training/condition of underlying engines required
  • AI Driven report generation based on clinical context
  • Ability to extract structured data and auto populate in reports
  • Highly-scalable platform to support growth instantaneously
  • Flexible speech input devices to include dial in, air mics, dictation mics, or computer mics
  • Using state Zero-foot print, cloud-based solution which is mobile native to be accessed on a variety of platforms including IOS, Android, PC and Apple desktops
Helpdesk & Support
  • 24/7 State-side Help Desk & Support Team
  • In-House Development & Support Engineers

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