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Case Studies

Maintain the independence and autonomy of your practice.

Case Studies Collaborative Imaging
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Case Studies

Unified PACS

Texas Radiology Associates needed to strengthen their workflow processes while juggling 35 disparate hospital systems.

Independent Practice Success Story

Cambria Somerset Radiology maintains their autonomy while increasing revenue.

KC Tan MD Growth

A small practice needed a platform to support the practice’s immense growth when their previous RCM company could not.

Testimonial from Raleigh Radiology

"CI fills a critical niche in the Radiology practice paradigm. It allows independent radiology groups to maintain autonomy and independence while recognizing the benefits of scale, all without compromising group culture.

CI and Member Radiology groups maintain long term and short term financial alignment which is critical to recruitment and retention of the best and brightest Radiologists."

Satish Mathan, M.D.

President, Managing Partner

Vascular/Interventional Radiology

Raleigh Radiology

Case Studies Collaborative Imaging