Case Study

Cambria Somerset Radiology, an independent practice maintains their autonomy while increasing revenue with Collaborative Imaging technology solutions.

Cambria Somerset Radiology
Cambria Somerset Radiology


Cambria Somerset Radiology is a smaller practice that needed the support of radiologists to help with contracts they obtained to provide services to different sites. They also wanted a business model that would allow them to flourish and remain independent. They looked to partner with an organization that could provide access to a larger radiology pool and support their needs.


Collaborative Imaging provided the access, knowledge, and technology so that Cambria could flourish and fulfil their contracts. Download case study below.

“In several years, radiology is going to be vastly manned by large practices with a lot of capability. My fear is a lot of that will be a private equity market. That model is doomed to failure because of its basis in hiring and employing radiologists which negatively impacts the services that are provided. The pathway to maintain independence is really narrowing and narrowing fast.”

Gary Kramer, MD

Cambria Somerset Radiology


Reduction in workflow costs



Improved business foundation


Billing Collection

Increased Billing collections



Improved technology platform