Powered By The Latest Technology Controlled By Physicians-min

Powered By The Latest Technology. Controlled By Physicians

Radflow is a proprietary, state of the art, modularized, end-end radiology workflow solution. It is powered by Artificial intelligence that removed inefficiencies, allowing physicians to focus on patientcare and reducing burnout. It also includes state of the art security and control mechanisms for easy administration and deployment.


Technologist Worklist

Technologist Worklist
  • Ability to edit/update order information
  • Mark exam status, edit Patient and Exam information, Add Exam Comments for Radiologists
  • Mark exam status, edit Patient and Exam information, Add Exam Comments for Radiologists
  • Radiologists can easily provide feedback to Techs for improved image quality
  • Assign studies to specific doctor or doctor pool based on facility preferences
  • Securely connects technologists, ordering physicians, and radiologists via instant messaging at your fingertips
  • One click dialing to ordering physician
  • Ability to launch studies in the PACS viewer of your choice
  • Vendor Neutral Solution incorporates studies from disparate PACS into a Universal Worklist
  • Capture measurements from Modalities and pre-populate in radiology report
Advanced Routing Rules
  • RadFlow will ensure a load balanced worklist for ultimate clinical efficiency
  • Route studies to specific physicians using unlimited criteria
  • Sub-specialty, Ordering Physician preference, TAT requirements, physician availability, shift specifics, and more
  • Built-in Integrations with Physician scheduling software
  • Push work to Radiologists so no time is wasted working the worklist
  • Notify Physicians when exams are available for interpretation
  • AI prioritization of exams based on adaptable and proprietary AI algorithms
Improved Quality
  • Lower Turn Around Times through enhanced study routing
  • Identify deficient reports through real time NLP before the report is signed
  • Real Time customizable peer review
  • Add tags to exams for efficient organizations for teaching files, rad onc follow up, interventional referrals, and reference case information
  • No install or downloads necessary
  • Web Based Software is geographically dispersed and securely available to all users with any web accessible device
  • Mobile Native applications are securely available to Technologists,
  • Referring Physicians, and Radiologists
  • Cloud Hosted solution guarantees uptime and allows for efficient upgrades with no disruption to clinicians
  • Highly scalable at the touch of a button for your future Imaging needs
    Streamlines IT infrastructure and reduces waste
Post Interpretation
  • Integrated Abnormal Finding Workflow
  • Incidental Finding Notifications
  • Real Time follow up Tracking and Reporting
  • Built-in Critical Finding communication to Ordering Physician

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At Ci we aim to use the power of technology to help healthcare workers focus on providing excellent patient care. We also understand the various needs of each medical practice. That's why we allow our partners to customize their own solutions. Physicians may remove or add any key features that fit their practice's needs

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Proprietary, state of the art, modularized, end-end radiology workflow solution.



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