Revenue Cycle Management

Improve your practice’s financial performance with our proprietary Revenue Cycle Management solution. Our RCM solution provides physician practices with revenue optimization, work efficiency, and enhance patients’ experience.

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Patient Access and
Financial Clearance

What makes us different?

Billing Solutions

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The Market

Ci has experience working with every national billing company. This provided us with a deep understanding of all the critical components of this vital practice activity. As a result our platform has successfully completed interfaces with every available hospital operating system.

Better Financial

Our RCM algorithms are built to find ways to prevent denials, speed up reimbursement.

Dynamic and
Transparent Process

Ci’s RCM software is dynamic and is represented in innovation in all dashboards and reporting for total transparency for the practice. Our disruptive data analytics tools provide insights to practices. As a result your practice will continue to grow based on informed decisions and


Maximizing Your Revenue, Reducing Your Costs

Reimbursement Management Solutions

Our solution examines the entire claims lifecycle to see the potholes in your practice’s workflow. We will enable your practice to automate your workflows with our AI-based technology, prevent insurance denials, and drastically increase cash flow. Denials and appeals management will allow you to take charge of the revenue missing from your pocket. Reviewing claims for accuracy before submission on the front end can also reduce errors.

Achieve sustainable financial performance with our experts who deeply understand the dilemna providers are pressed with margins, increased risk, declining reimbursement, while attempting to improve quality of care.

Choose Our Patient-Centric Solutions

Create Ideal Patient Interactions and Improve Collections

Boost Your Patient's Payment

Reduce third-party collections and boost your patient’s payments with our convenient options for patients of all ages.

Seamless Integration

Our solution works seamlessly with all major EMR/HIS systems for your patients’ benefit.

Collect More Payments

Our solution helps you decrease your cost-to-collect and bad debt by collecting more payments, before, during, and after service.

A Client’s Performance Improvement After Ci
  • Increased Patients Volume
  • Decreased Operational Costs
  • Increased Revenue

Patient Access and Financial Clearance Solutions

Key strength in RCM operations includes collecting payments and insurance early on. Our technologies and services help to gain financial security from your patients while providing outstanding customer service.

Automatically Reduce Insurance Denials by Perfecting Patient Data

Mitigating denials is difficult and a hassle that your staff likely doesn’t have the time for. Our software focuses on validating a patient’s information immediately upon registration and continuously verify eligibility information throughout the cycle so that your practice doesn’t lose. Our workflow includes checking to determine everything on file is in order. We’ve even automated the follow-up process with to ensure payment is made. Every step of the cycle is accounted for.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Having a more visible profile of your data helps your practice make more better decisions and optimizes your revenue cycle performance.

AI analytics and data-driven processes concerning patient payment help point out the potholes in your revenue streams. Ci’s all-in-one solution will reduce your dependency on other resources for accessing the information you need.

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Maximize revenue at all levels of the cycle with our
experts and cutting-edge technology

Revenue Integrity Solutions

Boost the integrity of your revenue

Ci focuses heavily on driving quality and compliance with coding accuracy and clinical documentation. Our AI-power workflows maximize your practice’s efficiency while delivering our alliance’s expertise to help your practice improve revenue collection and navigate risk.

Deliver Top-of-the-Line Customer Service

Patients always have questions about their care, and they need a venue to guide them. Our Call Center Services enable your patients to fulfill billing questions they have and free your staff to focus on their responsibilities.

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