At Collaborative Imaging (Ci) Compliance is infused throughout the responsibilities of Ci’s workforce members. Patients, physicians, and healthcare systems entrust millions of protected health data to Ci, and Ci’s workforce members keep this top of mind daily.

The Privacy Rule under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) is one of two guiding lodestars at Ci. Ci’s workforce members understand this rule and apply it in carrying out their daily duties. Our members understand that all of us are medical patients at various points in our lives; just as we would not want our protected health information (PHI) improperly, disclosed or discussed, we exercise similar cautions when handling the PHI of others. Whether in verbal, documentary, physical, or cyber interactions, Ci’s workforce members know the Privacy Rule and put it to good use daily.

Equally paramount is HIPAA’s Security Rule, which dictates that entities and individuals use those means necessary to safeguard systems against improper access. Ci conducts mandatory quarterly training for its workforce members, along with graded tests, in order to bring the latest security techniques to them and reinforce all relevant material with regularity. Furthermore, Ci invests millions of dollars into technology, systems development, controls, and testing. The result is a truly state-of-the-art cybersecurity framework that quickly detects, and expertly prevents access to and penetration of Ci’s sophisticated infrastructure.