Case Study

Disparate systems bring down physician workflow and practice efficiency.

Cambria Somerset Radiology
Cambria Somerset Radiology


Texas Radiology Associates needed to strengthen their workflow processes while juggling 35 disparate hospital systems.


Collaborative Imaging provided the knowledge, technology, and innovative processes to bring the disparate systems together with logic and rules best suited to TRA’s needs.

Cambria Somerset Radiology


Reduction in workflow costs by 30%

Group 2254

Faster Reads

Average turnaround time is 8 mins only

Group 2637

Patient Care

Improved patient care



Increased daytime productivity by at least 14%

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Multiple PACS Systems Issue Resolved

In the past Texas Radiology Associates had to work on several monitors and deal with multiple PACS systems. This created many issues such as overhead costs and lack of efficiencies. Dhruv Chopra, MBA talks about how technology solutions solved this problem and it turned TRA’s workflow into a PACS agnostic system that is much easier to use and much more efficient.