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Ci’s proprietary from end-to-end technology is aimed to simplify and optimize the efficient workflow for physicians. Ci’s solutions are physician-led a and it doesn’t require learning new systems. Our technology takes clerical, administrative and other burdens off physicians worklist, helping them to focus on delivering patient care and reducing burnout.

Full integration bolt to all PACS solutions-min

Full Integration Bolt

To all PACS solutions

Collaborative Imaging operational and finance experts have teamed up with physicians to develop solutions that drive operational efficiencies at every facility. Our integrated services haven been proven to increase the financial performance and quality of patient care.

Our Technology Key Results:

  • Reduction in Burnout rates
  • Revenue cycle enhancement by 20%
  • Operational efficiencies improvement
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Increase in referrals
  • Improvement in communications
  • Faster scheduling process

Learn How Ci's Technology Reduced Costs By 30% & Increased Profit By 20%



Our IT team and developers are always present to answer any questions or support any presenting workflow issues via live chat or phone



Our apps and technology are easy to use and don't require any training. They're developed to streamline patient experiences with familiar application solutions.



Because our technology is built in-house, physicians can easily request to remove add any features to meet their practices' needs.



The disruptive technology developed embraces and maximizes the value of functional AI and machine learning to continue to improve the personalize workflow.



Ci is interfaced with every national PACS, RIS and hospital EHR. We also enjoy the distinction of acceptance in the Epic “orchard” of trusted vendors.



Ci has achieved SOC 2 certification exemplifying the commitment to compliance and security in the healthcare electronic industry to protect patients' data and practices.

Fields Of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics


Interested in licensing our Tech solutions for medical practices?

To solve the growing demands placed on medical practices, Collaborative Imaging works with industry-leading healthcare companies to innovate and develop scalable end-to-end technologies for a variety of healthcare services in order to enhance virtual interaction, workflows, RCM and patientcare across the medical infrastructure. This collaborative approach helps to break down barriers by making it more cost effective for hospitals and care providers to implement a connected health solution.

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Client Testimonials

Ted Wen, MD

Despite our exponential growth from two hospitals to 64 hospitals/clinics over 25 years, being a premier radiology group now requires more than exceptional service, quality and relationships. CI is providing us the disruptive technology, workflow enhancements and improved revenue to provide exceptional patient care, provide additional value to our hospital/clinic/referring physician partners, and at the same time, improve our daily work life. I’m excited to practice radiology again.

Joe Nightingale, MD

Collaborative Imaging has a dedicated team of IT experts specialized in radiology. We’ve been extremely pleased with their prompt responsiveness which helped us tremendously along the way. Collaborative Imaging's team helped us fix major IT issues we had in-house and provided us with sophisticated bespoke technology so that we can run our imaging centers smoothly. We couldn’t do it without Collaborative Imaging.

Gary Kramer, MD

Cambria Somerset Radiology teamed up with CI because, with CI’s technology, capital and teamwork, we see a great synergy to help us maintain our group as a fiercely independent, successful radiology practice far into the future.


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