Dhruv Chopra, MBA

Chief Executive Officer.

As Chief Executive Officer, Dhruv Chopra presides over Collaborative Imaging and their respective divisions. He previously spent 15 years as an executive with multiple billing companies in the radiology industry where he gained an appreciation for how much physician money is lost due to the inefficiencies with data gathering, claim submission and adjudication,  documentation, charge capture and coding, and the dynamic, ever-changing requirements of insurance carriers. Unable to tolerate the revenue losses that physicians were facing, the blatant workflow inefficiencies that plague every radiology practice,  Chopra created his own path to combat these obstacles with the formation of Collaborative Imaging.

Chopra’s vision for Collaborative Imaging is to create a platform that allows practices to eliminate duplicity that exists between them, thereby allowing efficiencies, cost savings, and best practices to be incorporated amongst our partners. Under his leadership, their mission is to collaborate with partners to ensure their continued success by providing capital, disruptive technology, innovative processes, and economies of scale needed to maximize their profitability, and agility to be able to adapt in a very dynamic and evolving industry, while retaining their autonomy and independence. This in turn, will give member practices the ability to retain their independence and overcome the growing threat of consolidation in the radiology industry.

Chopra started his career as an x-ray courier working for a renowned radiologist based in Houston, Texas. With ambition driving him, he transformed the film and paper-based practice into a completely digital and paperless operation which many groups and institutions have modeled their workflow and operations around. Chopra took the time to learn every aspect from radiology from the origination of the order to the delivery and distribution of the images, while ensuring appropriate information was captured for clean claim submission and appropriate adjudication. Chopra learned the importance of a strong work ethic and raw determination coupled with the additional skills he needed to implement a constant process improvement mindset to allow for the creation of successful radiology practices.

In 2018 Chopra formed Collaborative Imaging to allow for the continuity of “like minded” independent radiology practices. Collaborative Imaging is a physician owned alliance of independent private radiology practices aligned with the common goal of providing best in class patient care using the right mix of technology empowered people, innovative process, and a business model with the agility to adapt in a rapidly changing industry.

Chopra holds an MBA and is fluent in several different languages including Dutch, French, English, Japanese, and Hindi which allows him to create a broader reach with his practice. Today, Chopra continues to come up with innovative models to help radiologists across the US stay independent while increasing their revenue,  improving their efficiency, and providing an additional revenue stream for our partners.

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