5 Steps to Manage Your Practice’s Yelp Reviews

hands holding a cellphone with Yelp on the screen

Evolution in radiology opened the door to new ways to diagnose health problems and provide better care. Radiologists play a vital role in reviewing and interpreting images, ensuring treatment plans align with actual needs. Unfortunately, the changing landscape of radiology, including the ongoing digitalization of the medical industry, presents a problem. Advanced systems can be…

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Breakdown of percentage of claims against radiologist from a malpractice perspective ie ER, IP, OP

radiologist worried about a risk of a malpractice

While literature based on errors made in radiology and the malpractice cases that may result is prevalent, information related to systematic reviews of the actual malpractice claims is lacking. However, on Aug. 27, 2019, the Journal of the American College of Radiology published the study, Emergency Radiology: An Underappreciated Source of Liability Risk. According to…

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Non physician Providers are Interpreting More Imaging Studies

Non-physician providers interpreting imaging studies

According to a recent long-term study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, nonphysician providers (NPPs) such as nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants, are performing more imaging-guided procedures and reading an increased number of imaging examinations. Although the actual percentage of studies the NPPs are reading remains small, radiologists have explicitly agreed that “image interpretation…

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How Small and Mid-Sized Radiology Practices Succeed Despite Consolidation

Portrait of young male nurse with colleague preparing patient for CT scan|mednax consolidation company stock market

Radiology is in crisis. Rapidly increasing premiums for employees, changing demands for independent practices, and the consumerization of healthcare push more independent radiologists to consider consolidation. Consolidation is the crisis that continues to impact the healthcare industry, and multiple private equity firms, including Coastal Radiology Associates, have poured countless dollars into encouraging consolidation. On its…

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Hospitals Face $252.6B in Cuts for Medicare and Medicaid Payments

doctor hand using calculator for account about medical costs with stethoscope and computer notebook on the desk at modern office

Prudent radiology professionals working in hospitals know how important it is to stay on top of developments in their field so they can deliver the best service to patients. This includes keeping current on technological advances and new protocols for diagnosing and assessing patients, as well as ongoing legislative and regulatory changes.  If you’re like…

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