How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Radiology Industry

The radiology industry is undergoing a revolution thanks to developments in science and technology

Whether you get your news about radiology developments in bits and pieces randomly or allow yourself to periodically budget time for some serious deep dives into the literature, it’s easy to lose sight of developments in technology because of daily priorities at work. It’s quite easy for radiologists to become focused on the tasks at…

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Radiology Assistants and Radiology Physician Assistants

Radiologists can relieve the stress of being over-worked by delegating imaging procedures to radiology assistants (RAs) or to Radiology Physician Assistants.

Radiologists work under a lot of pressure. Physicians who order imaging tests generally want the results as soon as reasonably possible. Additionally, with more physicians ordering imaging, from CT scans to MRIs, from mammograms to routine x-rays, the stress on radiologists leads to burnout. The Advisory Board, an organization of approximately 250 health care professional experts,…

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CT, MRI Payments Plummet at Private Practices


In January 2020, the Journal of the American College of Radiology published the results of a study which concluded that Medicare reimbursement to both non-radiologist physicians (NRPs) and radiologists for their in-office MRIs and CT scans has decreased significantly since 2006. The researchers analyzed data they obtained from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid…

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