Structured vs Unstructured Radiology Reports

Key differences between structured and unstructured radiology reports mean neither is perfect. Still

Many radiology reports today look much the same as they always have. They consist of dense blocks of text which stand independent of previous reports. They contain no links, images, or other clarifying data. They are a direct product of the challenge of radiology- making sense of images that would be subjective without the discipline…

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Direct Communication Improves MRI Follow-Up Recommendations

When radiologists directly communicate with referring physicians

On Dec. 30, 2019, the American Journal of Roentgenology published the results of a study that analyzed the compliance of referring physicians with the follow-up recommendations provided in the musculoskeletal MRI reports that they received from radiologists. The results of this study indicate that when the radiologist directly communicates with the referring doctor, compliance with…

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Expanding Collaborative Imaging Promises to End Radiology Consolidation

Collaborative Imaging | Radiology Practice and RCM Management

Partners of Collaborative Imaging experience billing collection improvements of over 25% while reducing operating costs by 30% The $18 billion radiology industry continues to face a growing threat of consolidation, resulting in larger practices, higher medical costs, diminished patient care and increased physician burnout. In response, Collaborative Imaging has formed the industry’s most sustainable business…

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How to Embrace the Power of Texting Your Patients

Only 20% of emails are read

As the number of people using mobile devices continues to grow, communicating with patients via text messaging is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for radiology practices. While there have been very few in-depth studies focusing on the use of texting within the healthcare system, a recent report is shedding light on the impact that a…

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