What You Need To Know About Radiology Post-Pandemic

Collaborative Imaging | Radiology Practice and RCM Management|Bud Dey

By Bud Dey As the Pfizer vaccine has already shown promise, there is hope that, eventually, the pandemic will be over. As Radiologists have been forced to focus on the immediate situation, will they be prepared for the aftermath of this public health crisis? Two of the main factors affecting radiology’s future status include regulatory…

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Ten Reasons Why Everyone in Healthcare Must Receive Compliance Training

Ten Reasons Why Everyone in Healthcare Must Learn About Compliances|David Silva

Without a solid base in education and training, t he modern healthcare system as we know it would simply not exist. The importance of knowledge, experience and professionalism required to further the practice and delivery of health care and protect the public’s health and safety cannot be overstated. It is unfortunate that compliance in healthcare…

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