RSNA: Teleradiology Soars During COVID-19 Pandemic

John Kim

Mike Bassett from RSNA covered how radiology practices and departments — almost overnight — began to ramp up the use of teleradiology and other virtual technology tools to maintain their workloads from a remote location. Telehealth in general gained momentum when Medicare suspended restrictions to accessing telehealth, allowing radiology to reach a broader population from…

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Video: The Most Common Challenges in Radiology Featuring Dhruv Chopra

Collaborative Imaging's CEO

Collaborative Imaging’s CEO, Dhruv Chopra, MBA talks about the most common challenges Radiologists face today. As a result of these challenges, they’re having to sell their practices to private equity consolidators whose business model ends up in harming the quality of patient care and the healthcare industry as whole. Learn more. About Dhruv Chopra: As…

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Combatting Radiologist Burnout

Did you know burnout affects more than 40% of radiologists

By Dhruv Chopra, MBA We now live in a world where it’s nearly impossible to separate work from home – we are always connected to our phones and have access to our emails nearly 24/7. In a recent study, nearly two-thirds of employees reported feeling burned out on the job. What’s more, that number has…

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Plano Company Creates Mobile Radiology System for Hospitals to Protect Doctors, Patients from COVID-19

Plano Company Creates Mobile Radiology System for Hospitals to Protect Doctors

Local Profile’s Danny Gallagher covered the serious concerns about how the spread of the coronavirus could affect the functionality and effectiveness of hospital systems, especially now that the US has the highest number of confirmed cases in the world, according to Johns Hopkins University of Medicine. One of the biggest challenges for hospitals is preventing…

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