Video: The Most Common Challenges in Radiology Featuring Dhruv Chopra

Collaborative Imaging’s CEO, Dhruv Chopra, MBA talks about the most common challenges Radiologists face today. As a result of these challenges, they’re having to sell their practices to private equity consolidators whose business model ends up in harming the quality of patient care and the healthcare industry as whole. Learn more.

About Dhruv Chopra:

As Chief Executive Officer, Dhruv Chopra presides over Collaborative Imaging and their respective divisions. He previously spent 15 years as an executive with multiple billing companies in the radiology industry where he gained an appreciation for how much physician money is lost due to the inefficiencies with data gathering, claim submission and adjudication, documentation, charge capture and coding, and the dynamic, ever-changing requirements of insurance carriers. Unable to tolerate the revenue losses that physicians were facing, the blatant workflow inefficiencies that plague every radiology practice, Chopra created his own path to combat these obstacles with the formation of Collaborative Imaging.
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