Radiology Business: Radiologist Predicts ‘Sea Change’ In Specialty After COVID-19, With Many Docs Reading From Home

Marty Stempniak from Radiology Today discussed the future of radiology practices after COVID-19 with Collaborative Imaging CEO, Dhruv Chopra. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, more provider organizations appear to be joining the bandwagon to let radiologists work from home. And some in the field believe this trend could continue, even after COVID-19 is contained.

One such example is Texas-based Collaborative Imaging, which has bolstered its telehealth capacity in recent weeks to allow more than 100 radiologists to read remotely.

Typically, Collaborative has six radiologists at sites, working just 2 feet apart, Dhruv Chopra told the Dallas Business Journal Monday. they’re now staggering shifts so that one rad is always at the hospital.

“So if someone walks in with the virus, all the sudden you just lost six radiologists,” he said. “We have to make sure that we are protecting our physicians,” Chopra added.

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