Kristy Campos: The key to success when serving patients is empathy.

Kristy Campos: The key to success when serving patients is empathy.

At Collaborative Imaging, we bring you our diverse tapestry of employees and their unique stories. This month, we recognize one of our team members who have shown politeness and can-do attitude when interacting with patients. Her patience, professionalism and helpfulness represent Ci’s values at its core. Her story is truly inspiring.


Kristy Campos remembers growing up in the sleepy little beach town of Carpinteria, CA, in southeastern Santa Barbara County. Her single father raised Kristy and her autistic brother. Her father was hardworking and dedicated to caring for his family — Kristy often looked after her autistic brother, developing understanding and compassion early in her life.

Kristy is now married and a mother to their 7-year son. She and her husband are the legal guardians of three adorable nephews and a delightful niece. Their large, blended family recently moved to Ventura, CA, where they enjoy beach adventures, chasing food trucks, and traveling. When at home, they love binge-watching movies and watching their children grow and learn.

What was your journey to applying to and joining Collaborative Imaging?

I began my career as a certified Medical Assistant with Pueblo Radiology Medical Group headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA. I soon transitioned into medical billing and have spent the last 5 years doing that. I am pursuing my CPC certification in medical coding with the AAPC to develop my career skills further, hoping to complete my bachelor’s degree in the foreseeable future.

I experienced a very smooth transition to Collaborative Imaging. When Ci came aboard to help with Pueblo’s operations, I became familiar with Collaborative Imaging’s revenue cycle management. I felt comfortable and confident when I joined the Collaborative Imaging revenue cycle team.

What does it take to succeed in patient service?

The key to success when serving patients is empathy. It allows me to understand that many patients are stressed because of their diagnosis and/or the financial implications. I try to imagine, “What if this were me? How would I want to be treated?”

I’ve heard others talk about my kindness towards patients and professionalism. I focus on each patient as if they are a member of my family or a dear friend. Customer service is a significant part of my job — being able to relate and put yourself in someone else’s shoes makes a huge difference.

What are your greatest strengths?

My greatest strength is providing customer service that exceeds someone’s expectations. Another strength is being able to relate to the people I’m serving. I’m also quick to adapt to the ever-changing rules in healthcare, and I’m fluent in Spanish.

How do you keep yourself motivated and engaged when working from home?

I genuinely enjoy what I do — I love working with numbers and medical coding. When we have a job that we love, it’s easy to stay focused and motivated. I love helping others, so this profession is perfect for me. As Mark Twain says, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

How do you adapt so quickly to the ever-changing healthcare environment?

I adapt to changing situations very quickly, so I accept that change is always part of working in healthcare. Change often means improving a process, so we have to acknowledge that there will be a learning curve.

Is there anything else you want to tell our readers about yourself?

I love being part of the Collaborative Imaging team. Everyone helped me during my onboarding, and I look forward to being here for many years.