Jeanne Wyatt: I consider myself a human chameleon

Jeanne Wyatt: I consider myself a human chameleon

At Collaborative Imaging, we bring you our diverse tapestry of employees and their unique stories. Meet Jeanne Wyatt, our SuperUser and Customer Service Agent.

Jeanne, a proud Texan, has been shaped by her strong family values and deep connection to the Catholic church. She cherishes her role as a bonus mom to her niece and shares a special bond with her identical twin sister and younger brother. For the past 6 years, Jeanne has found great fulfillment in the insurance and medical industries, especially when interacting with patients. In her small town, she dedicates her time as a Hydration Specialist at the volunteer fire department, prioritizing fire safety. While she occasionally enjoys the thrill of the casino nightlife, her true happiness comes from hosting BBQs and nurturing her relationships with loved ones.


Your job requires finding solutions and thinking outside the box, what is your secret?

Life is not the same for everybody. If it was, it would be so easy to have the same solution for each individual and circumstance. But life is unconventional, just look how the world changed in 3 years! I try to use my creative thinking when helping others to solve problems. My secret is to keep an open mind and take in all facts of a situation before forming a plan of action, so that the outcomes will be successful and beneficial to all.


How do you keep yourself motivated and engaged when working from home?

I have a spare room I use as my study, free of distractions so I can easily concentrate on my work. I start every day with a shower, breakfast and get dressed, just like I was going to leave the house to work in another building. I try to keep organized with lists of tasks and deadlines that must be met daily.


What are your greatest strengths?

I am goal oriented, an awesome multitasker, great at problem solving, honest, a team player and supporter, creative, have a positive attitude, cheery disposition, flexible, motivated, and very determined!


What was your journey to applying to and joining Collaborative Imaging?

I knew I wanted to stay in the insurance and medical field, but I was looking for a career, not just a job. I loved the aspects and opportunities that Collaborative Imaging offered, and I have not been disappointed. They just made me love my career even more than I ever imagined I could!


The healthcare industry is known for its changing environment, how do you adapt so quickly?

I have always tried to stand up in the face of adversity and meet new challenges head on. I am a resilient individual and always look for the silver lining in the clouds. I guess I consider myself a human chameleon, adjusting to changes as they come at me. Facing challenges with a can-do attitude has been one of my strongest life endeavors.


Anything you want to tell your coworkers and our readers about you?

I have dedicated my life to making the world a better place, one smile at a time. I am always here for you. Together, we can accomplish anything and soar to new heights! Lets do this!