RSNA: Teleradiology Soars During COVID-19 Pandemic

18 May 2020 - Ci Magazine
John Kim, M.D. is a Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Radiologist. Dr. Kim completed medical school at Boston University School of Medicine and his radiology residency Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Kim also completed his fellowship in Non-vascular interventions and Pediatric Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mike Bassett from RSNA covered how radiology practices and departments — almost overnight — began to ramp up the use of teleradiology and other virtual technology tools to maintain their workloads from a remote location.

Telehealth in general gained momentum when Medicare suspended restrictions to accessing telehealth, allowing radiology to reach a broader population from home throughout the pandemic.

Before the onset of the pandemic, remote teleradiology services at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) had essentially been limited to a 24/7 teleradiology group in the medical center, according to Jules Sumkin, DO, chairman of the Department of Radiology at UPMC.

RSNA spoke to Dr. John Kim from Texas Radiology Associates. Read Full Article here.